Top 5 favorite cleaning hacks from a mom of three pups!

Okay so being a dog mama is a dirty job y'all especially on those ugly rainy days. If you are suffering from a lack of grass as I am then you know how much of an extra struggle that is. Started with 1 dog now here we are with 3 in a small little rancher house haha. So over the years and the messy additions I have come up with a cleaning routine with products I couldn't live without!

Here are my top 5 favorite and life saving cleaning items!

1. Our Roomba Doug named Bahhha... don't ask HAHA

we have the pretty basic Roomba and we have it set on a schedule. Make sure you give a little pre sweep or pickup for those little chewed up pieces of anything and everything! We still vacuum with our big vacuum at least once a week but the Roomba is a life saver with keeping up with the tumble weeds!

2. Okay this one I just found this year and it is legit the best thing EVER

the Bissell carpet scrubber its legit like a swiller for carpets and its amazing! It cleans so so well and you don't even need to use much of the foam. So much easier than getting out one of those bulky cord carpet scrubbers! We got ours on Chewy but I linked Amazon for those who don't have Chewy... but if you don't use Chewy you definitely need to be !

3. The good ole Swiffer Wet Jet definitely need this one for those rainy days, the accidents and the times they sneak and grab your dinner off the counter and get it everywhere....

4. The ChomChom Roller this is the only thing I have found that works even over the vacuum to get the hair off the couch! It is a magician! Again I got mine from Chewy but linked the amazon link. It is so awesome and you just empty it after each use.

5. Okay time to cover up that doggie smell! Obviously your favorite candle works great but what about the couch and the curtains and the carpets? Meyers room freshener is my go to! It hides all the smells and lasts for so long on surfaces!

Okay so you are totally welcome in advance for your new cleaning routine!

Leo, Bella and Oakley approved!

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