Our Sweet Oakley Pup

From the moment I saw Oakley on Facebook I knew I needed to save her. I just knew she belonged with us. From our first meet and greet, she felt like family. She fit perfectly with Leo and Bella. God put her in our lives for a reason and she was meant to be with us. She may have had a rough start to life but she will forever be loved and cherishes as a part of the Prince family.

Oakley was found Sept. 24, when a highway construction worker saw her down over the embankment beside the road and called it in.

She was frightened and just a puppy. She stayed next to her crate until help arrived. It looked as though the crate had been tossed over the side of the bank or maybe kicked from a moving vehicle, and the door was sprung possibly on its trip down the hill allowing her to free herself.

Oakley is a Belgian Malinois and knowing this breed as I have worked with them and also own one my boy Leo, I knew she needed to get out of her situation asap! Mal's are high energy dogs and need a lot of exercise as well as mental stimulation. They need structure and a job. Knowing she could go to the wrong home and end up having another traumatizing situation I just felt called to her.

Sweet Oakley girl is right at home. she’s bugging her big bro and sis and giving the sweetest nighttime snuggles. Her and Bella enjoy swimming together and wrestling. We love going hiking as a family and Oakley is a great running partner for getting in shape for our wedding!

Needless to say things really do happen for a reason and Oakley was always meant to be in our family!

Anyone with information about Oakley is asked to contact Graven at mgraven@qac.org or call Animal Control at 410-758-2393. I would love to get justice for whoever did this to our sweet girl!

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