National Cathedral Unexpected Engagement!

So the most amazing thing happened at one of my August 2019 couples engagement session last night. We were shooting in the beautiful gardens at the National Cathedral and we see a couple who literally just got engaged! We all went to congratulate them and I offered for them to stick around until after my session and I would grab some pictures for them!

Taylor and Bobbie are the sweetest couple! Taylor loves tulips so what a perfect place! Bobbie hid the ring in his luggage in his socks to get through the airport and all without any alarms haha and he had a camera set up to recored the whole thing! How flipping sweet!

They are both nurses and they actually live in Georgia! Now most of you know I am obsessed with Georgia and have a dream to one day shoot a wedding in Georgia haha.

I just adored the way Bobbie talked about Taylor!

What an amazing night! I got to shoot in such a jaw dropping place, we got the permit for free same day and I got to shoot not only one couple, but TWO couples here! I am feeling so so blessed!

God is so good!

Congratulations Taylor & Bobbie I am so glad our paths crossed and I was able to capture these sweet memories for you from such a big milestone in your lives!

Venue: National Cathedral

Ring: Brilliant Earth

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