Lexi & Josh's Summer Morning Wedding

Lexi and Josh met at Chesapeake College as lab partners in an environmental science class that neither of them ending up needing to take. Lexi asked him out randomly and they hit it off so well, and that’s all she wrote. They wanted to be together every chance they could from that day on. They moved into an apartment together four months into dating. Their parents thought they were crazy! Two years later they bought their first home together. That was the house they got engaged in with roses cupcakes and candles, and that will be the house they start a family. Lexi and Josh are down to earth people who love a good time. They do what it takes to keep the other person happy. They are a Jesus-loving couple who love to binge Netflix and spend time with their families.

Lexi always wanted to get married at sunrise on the water. However she knew that no one could get up that early and ready so she made 10am work! They both love breakfast food and thats another reason they chose a morning wedding. This was a first for me and I loved it! Eggs, bacon, pancakes and more for the reception! Their cocktail drinks were named after their pups which was such a cute way to incorporate them in the day.

How they knew!

From the Groom,

"I've kind of always known since we first met. She just makes me so happy day in and day out. She has always had such drive for things, when she wants something, she goes and gets it, and doesn't stop even if she can't get it. We have always been able to work passed any & all issues together."

From the Bride,

"I knew he was the one when we cried on the bathroom floor after my best friend's brother passed away. Josh is so compassionate and selfless. I cannot imagine my life without him. He is the first person I want to call when something good happens and when something bad happens, he’s the shoulder I want to cry on."

Lexi and Josh were blessed with the most beautiful day that showed who they are as a couple so well. During the ceremony a dragonfly was hovering around and landed on Lexi.


Hair- Lauren Tindall

Makeup- Emily Hurlock

Dress- Beautiful Day Bridal

Dj- C + C music

Video- Marsh Video Productions

Catering- Grills On Wheels Catering on the Grill

Cake-The Bay Country Bakery & Cafe

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